Those That Can – Read Josefina’s story here and how she swapped from full time teaching to become the Founder and Director of her own business.

After 12 years working at a school as a Spanish teacher and Head of Department for the last couple of years, I didn’t think my professional life would be able to change much until my school closed and I had to reconsider my possibilities.

I have always loved teaching, its challenges and professional satisfactions, and although one has to be fully committed to do your job right and the time requirements are huge, plenty of work always done at home, I found it really hard to see what other possible jobs opportunities I could have.

During my time at university I was really interested in language acquisition and how the Early Years offer a fantastic window to introduce a second language. This topic fascinated me and it was what made me decide to create my own Early Years Programme to introduce Spanish as a second language with the initial idea of just try it out and investigate what could I do with it.

I gave myself a time frame to experiment, predict the potential outcomes and the viability of having an income from my venture.

I started with one Spanish class for toddlers and preschool children at a play centre and I now have classes every day, parent and child classes and in Nursery schools. I have a great colleague that is doing some classes and I have launched my Spanish online programme for the Early Years.

My biggest success is that I have proved the quality of my programme when I see how much the children enjoy learning and the progress they make.

At the beginning the hardest thing was organising my time and creating targets which is what I had always worked with. Keeping and reaching the targets when I had only myself to account for also needed some self-discipline.

I missed my colleagues, the staff room, believe or not, the staff meetings, not having to make all the decisions on my own, having some work chats with people that would sympathise, the social part of having a job.

Self-motivation got harder when facing disappointments, but I have now learned and make myself look at the bigger picture and consider how far I have got and how much I have learned; even only considering the learning curve, for me it has been worth it.

I still have a long way to go and hopefully soon I can have more people in my team with different skills to make my vision of making the option of introducing a second language at early childhood possible nationally and raising awareness of the great benefits that learning languages offer.

As a teacher, I have now realised that resilience and resourcefulness are my best qualities, dealing with a hundred different matters at school to lead children with hundred different personalities to a successful outcome requires a lot of testing, trying, rethinking and patience! Not bad things to have when running your own projects.

This is a guest post from Josefina Garcia. Josefina is an experienced language teacher and started Nanos Spanish classes and online courses for little ones to follow her belief in the importance of introducing a second language in early childhood. She runs Spanish classes in South West London or you can sign up for her online courses for pre-school children here