Since launching Did Teach version 2.0 a number of months ago we have made significant progress in connecting with many innovative companies and organisations who sincerely appreciate the value that teachers can add to their core functions. There is little doubt from our interactions and conversations with CEO’s, HR & Marketing Mangers that they have an absolute admiration for the brilliant work that outstanding teachers clearly do. These individuals who have critical roles to play in the hiring of new talent, have consistently assured us that they would have no hesitation in hiring an ex-teacher; given that it is guaranteed they will be proficient communicators, have creative instincts and a commitment and resilience far beyond the normal 9 to 5 work culture. We have also spoken to many former teachers who are now pursing highly successful and lucrative second careers outside of the classroom and who are applying the myriad of skills acquired through their time in the school sector to a different context.

We fully acknowledge that much of our work during the embryonic stages of the business has sharply focused on London and the South East. In particular the education technology sector is one of the fastest growing technology sectors in Britain. There are thousands of companies with major clusters in London and in particular East London Tech City, an area where these businesses have flourished in a technological ecosystem that encourages the sharing of skills and intellectual property. The potential for roles here is huge and as the governments Vision 2020 document predicts there is an opportunity to grow EdTech as a digital skills enhancer, jobs creator and to contribute to growth right across Britain. Therefore, it is inevitable that much of our activity has focused on London given its stature and status within Europe’s technology economy.

However; and perhaps crucially for the many of you, we are all too acutely aware of the need to support the thousands of educational professionals who desire new challenges but who reside outside of the capital. So, we are now starting to home in on other geographical hubs; the Midlands and the northern power houses of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds Tech North and Newcastle.

So, if you are feeling frustrated at the London centric nature of our work please be patient with us and be rest assured that if the opportunities exist we will find them. It takes time to build networks with the type of businesses that have the foresight to realise the un-tapped source of talent that ex-teachers offer. We are also very careful to work with organisations that offer you exciting and inspiring challenges but that at the same time can offer you the prospect of growth and progression so vital given that for many an inevitable pay decrease is a likely proposition as you transition into your second careers.

We are also very keen to continue to offer opportunities in the charity sector but are also exploring the chances of working within Blue chip organisations and our February career workshops in association with 18-07 careers will give you the chance to hone your CV’s and interview technique to help pursue second careers in more corporate environments. The credentials of 18-07 speak for themselves as many of the people that they have coached in the past have gone on to forge careers in high calibre multi national businesses such as BP, Visa, HSBC, RBS, Barclays & John Lewis.