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did teach is the first and only consultancy in the UK run by teachers, for teachers who are transitioning from education into other sectors.

We also aim to help teachers  looking to diversify their income with part time or holiday work.  We know that teachers have the capability to excel in corporate businesses. They can also add value to organisations in the education sector because of the unrivalled knowledge they have of the school system. That’s why we have been knocking on the door of Charities, Ed Tech, Start ups, STEM Industries and major Blue Chips for two years to understand how teachers need to prepare themselves for new challenges outside the classroom.

did teach can help exceptional candidates from an educational background with career support in the following ways:

  • Targeted Jobs Board,
  • Career Transition workshops,
  • Job update alerts.
Jobs for Ex Teachers In the UK
I was terrified of leaving the teaching profession after 11 years. I’m so happy that I did!
EmilyEnglish Middle School
Anthony Helps find jobs for Ex Teachers at Did Teach
I felt like I had reached my full potential teaching and was hoping for a new challenge, changing career was my preferred option.
AnthonyMaths Secondary School

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The After School Learning Centre in North London is opposite Oakwood underground station on the Piccadilly Line. Due to rapidly increasing pupil numbers, we urgently seek motivated teachers who love teaching and imparting useful knowledge which will help pupils of all ages over achieve in GCSEs, A-Level and SATS exams. Are you a Primary teacher, Science teacher experienced in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for Key Stage 3 and GCSE, Secondary English or Secondary Maths teacher interested in boosting your salary? Then we would welcome working with you now. Established twelve years ago, The After School Learning Centre is strong, stable […]

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Posted 1 year ago

Professional tutoring opportunities with Minerva: use your passion for education and your commitment, to become one of the best professionals in the field of tutoring. You’ll be tutoring children of all ages and backgrounds, whether it’s one on one, at our new learning centres, or our immersive holiday schools. Tutoring is more subtle than teaching. You are part-mentor, part-confidante, and in the current socio-political climate, this has never been more important. The time you spend with your tutees, today, will have a profound impact on their lives in the years to come. For more information about the programme and potential benefits please […]

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