Teachers are fantastically skilled individuals, committed and driven by an altruistic passion to make a difference to society. They are assiduous, organised and are outstanding written and verbal communicators. In addition to this, they are able to maintain high standards whilst working in one of the most pressurised of environments; the British education system. We started Did Teach to highlight these facts to industries and organisations beyond the sphere of education and in doing so create opportunities in different sectors for those wanting to leave the classroom.

When it comes to people leaving the teaching profession, the statistics speak for themselves. We believe that many people in the public domain have a negative perception of teachers when confronted with press coverage relating to them leaving schools and working in other industries. However, should we not be supporting them? Like people in other professions, many teachers want to work in different environments and expose themselves to new challenges.

With this in mind the idea of Did Teach was born. We first wanted to support teachers looking for new careers outside of the education sector and followed a recruitment model. With an average of 40,000 people leaving the professional each year and with no real support network or organisations that offer assistance with career transitioning, we felt there was a gap in the market.

We networked relentlessly and built a large candidate base of teachers wanting to leave the profession. We pitched to a huge number of innovative companies including; Google, the Richmond Group and Virgin and were able to effectively, demonstrate that teachers have the attributes and experience required to succeed in a range of businesses environments.

However, during our journey we started to discover, firstly, with Ed Tech start-ups, that when it was needed there was no forum in which they could engage and attract talent from an educational background. The teaching community have less engagement with large jobs boards and so posting vacancies on these does not always yield the candidates that they want. We found similar issues with organisations operating in fields such as e-learning, educational management, bespoke tutoring as well as charities and non-profit organisations. After recognising these gaps in the market, we pivoted the business away from a traditional recruitment model towards it becoming the “go to” place for teachers looking to move out of teaching or for those looking to diversify their incomes. We are now on a journey to offer our followers tangible advice, workshops and a job board where progressive educational companies can post roles that will inspire them.

These roles will allow teachers to gain experiences beyond the classroom that may well enhance their teaching skills, some may even decide to return to teaching in the future refreshed and equipped with new tools and a different perspective on how to improve learning outcomes for students.

Given that we are in an era, where a having a multiple career is becoming the norm we believe firmly that teaching is stuck in the past. Why are we not encouraging teachers to career hop? Perhaps if talented graduates from top universities could see that having dedicated a proportion of your career to teaching there was still every chance of gaining exciting employment offers from other industries there wouldn’t be such a stigma attached to the profession and less of a recruitment crisis.

In addition to this, we also fully understand that in an era of punitive government spending cuts to education, dedicated teachers are seeing erosion of their disposable incomes. With this in mind why is there no universal space offering ideas and opportunities to such teachers to diversify their incomes and gain experiences that will bolster their CV’s, with innovative, progressive and inspiring organisations. So Did Teach aims to become a portal were active teachers can connect with such parties. We also fully acknowledge the vital role that charities play in tackling social mobility in Britain and improving education for pupils across the world. With this in mind we are now aligned to our goal of helping them to engage with dedicated people from a teaching background to fill voluntary roles.

Now that we have shifted our focus, we are working towards our aim of becoming a huge portal where teachers can gain inspiration, the career support that they need and where organisations can gain exposure to Britain’s most dedicated workforce.