At did teach we strongly believe that teachers have developed skills throughout their careers that are invaluable to your business. Look down the ladder to see how former teachers can play a pivotal role in business development in different industrial sectors.

Those that can do Marketing and Sales:

In an industry where drive and motivation are needed to get results, qualified teachers are well positioned to achieve success. Teachers are some of the most motivated individuals out there, regularly working beyond expectations to achieve exceptional outcomes. They also have a creative approach to their work and are often thinking outside the box to sell their subjects to the hardest and most critical market there is; young people! Teachers have fantastic communication skills and have the confidence to pitch ideas to large and challenging audiences.

Those that can do Finance:

Qualified teachers are naturally organised, structured and accurate with a proven ability to maintain these qualities under intense pressure. Teachers are used to solving problems and require excellent numeracy and literacy skills to practice in education. Teachers are exposed to vasts amounts of complex data on a day to day basis and can communicate this information to different audiences in a professional and jargon free manner. In finance employees are constantly putting the needs of others first which is again something the educational professional is well used to, often going into teaching in the first place for altruistic reasons.

Those that can do IT:

Logical and analytical approaches are needed to thrive in this sector, something that maths and computer science practitioners possess in abundance. Qualified teachers have fluent IT skills and may have programming experience but it is the soft skills of teachers that will set them apart from many job applicants. When things go wrong, teachers have that ‘bounce back ability’ an attribute forged in the classroom where capacity to solve problems and be decisive is vital. When involved in project work teachers are extremely resilient and adaptable. Finally, they have bucketful’s of perseverance having been used to working in demanding environments.

Those that can do Retail:

Attention to detail and a good head for numbers is the maxim of this sector so teachers naturally have an advantage over other applicants. In the modern era of education where competition between schools is rife being commercially astute and thinking critically are of paramount importance for the qualified teacher. The communication skills of teachers are exceptional, they have proven abilities to persuade, negotiate and influence those around them. Former teachers will understand management information systems that monitor sales and analyse customer trends because they are well versed in analysing performance data in schools.